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As seen in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Success Magazine, Amazon, Audible and other platforms, Mastering Stage Presence, offered by The Great Courses, teaches you the performance skills to present your best self in any setting in a practical, interactive format. Stream or order directly from The Great Courses or Great Courses Plus.

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Video recommended, but Audible and Kanopy offer audio recordings.


I've taken speaking/presentation courses before, but this is the best hands-down. It's also one of the best Great Courses I've taken: the content is highly focused, useful and interactive and Professor Long delivers it in a warm and approachable way.”

- Earthward, Ontario, Canada

“As a courtroom attorney, I appreciate the value of the course. It is more of an advanced training on stage presence for the performances of life--from acting to speaking."

- Colorado Law


"I am a retired military officer, military chaplain, trainer, consultant, and public motivational and personal growth speaker . . . At times my audiences have numbered over five thousand. I think this is one of the best courses to which I have been exposed during my career. I would recommend this course for any public speaker.”

- S. Boyd, Ringgold, Georgia


 “One of the most useful and skill-building courses I’ve purchased!”

- Mark H., Chicago, Illinois


“Mastering Stage Presence is about much more than just acting. It is about public speaking, about communicating effectively, about polishing your best self, about being a better person. The course is entertaining, dynamic, deep, and incredibly useful. It will teach you not only about perfecting your body, voice, and mind, but also about breathing and the voice, effective speech, preparing for the stage (even if it is an office meeting, a toast, a play, or a big speech), the mental side of presence, and so much more.”


- Aeschylus, Mexico City, Mexico

"My favorite so far--out of my 72 Great Courses!"

- Blue Butterfly, Detroit, MI

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