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I teach at Kennesaw State University, where I’ve guided actors and non-actors in the art of stage presence for the past fifteen years. I’m also a professor for The Great Courses, where I teach a 24-lecture recorded video series called “Mastering Stage Presence.” Finally, I teach, consult, and speak about presence and technique at conferences and training programs all over the world.


I work with teachers, executives, attorneys, medical professionals, graduate students, actors, law enforcement, military, clergy—anyone who wants to engage others live or virtually with greater ease and authenticity. I’ve spent my career studying all aspects of presence: purpose and content, body alignment and physical freedom, voice and speech, performance psychology and stage fright.


I’ve been fortunate to teach and speak all over the world, from the Metropolitan Opera Education Program in New York City to the Market Theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa to Hassan II University in Casablanca, Morocco. As a director and adapter, I’ve guided more than thirty productions at the Off-Broadway, regional and collegiate levels. Publications include work for The Teaching Company, Teacher’s Discovery, The Great Courses Daily and Atlanta Parent. I hold a Master of Fine Arts Degree (Theatre) from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Arts from the College of William and Mary in Virginia (English and Theatre, Phi Beta Kappa). I am also a soon-to-be certified Registered Yoga Teacher.


While I write and teach about stage presence, about acting your scene and telling your own authentic story, at the heart of my work is finding ways to be more present and responsive on all of life’s stages, every second of every day.

I live just outside Atlanta with my husband of 22 years, my two wonderful sons, and two black cats named Freddie and Murray.

*CV available upon request


“Unlike other instructors, Prof. Long has what I would call a holistic approach to the subject. "Stage Presence" is not and should not be far removed from "Life Presence." Standing up straight, breathing correctly, speaking clearly and being relaxed are important traits that should not be reserved solely for the stage, everyone should master these vastly under appreciated life skills, regardless of motive. Having "Life Presence" is a reward in and of itself. Master "Life Presence" and one will find the heavy lifting of "Stage Presence" has already been done. A rather simple but powerful idea.”

- Andre SB, Massachusetts 2016

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