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As an experienced speaker and panelist, I provide engaging and informative talks for businesses, classes and groups. Offerings are tailored to clients' needs and specifications.The following are examples of talks I've given. Contact me to discuss your needs.

"Sustaining Your Creative Life: Artistry in Feast and Famine"

A compassionate, practical exploration of the unique gifts and challenges inherent in any creative profession, and the steps we can take to sustain artistry in all kinds of circumstances.

"Progress, Not Perfection: How Getting It Right Can Get in the Way of Getting It Done"

The quest for perfection often hampers our efforts and holds us back from our best work. How do we exchange "exactly right" for "right for me?"

"What Performers Know (And What They Can Teach Us)"

What can we learn from those who publicly offer their gifts to engage and challenge the world? A lot, actually! This speech celebrates the bravery, honesty and light inside us all.

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SPEAKING & PANELS-partial list

National League of PEN Women

Laney Graduate School

Emory University

Casablanca Int'l Theatre Festival

College of William & Mary

Market Theatre, South Africa

Sonquoba Theatre, South Africa

Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis

 "Melanie Long gave a captivating presentation on stage presence at our Atlanta Pen Women meeting. She spoke on her experience as a professor, writer, and workshop presenter. I would highly recommend Melanie to be your Keynote Speaker at your next event!"

-- Chrissie Thead, National League of Pen Women, Atlanta Chapter​

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